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Sober Posting

Well, I have remained sober for the fifth day. How this blog works, I’m still trying to figure out. It’s been a couple of years since I posted anything, and I began because I wanted to “moderate” my drinking. So here I am again. 

I admitted that I was an alcoholic to a group of women where I volunteer. These women are being hospitalized for substance abuse. I blurted it out. It felt so good to purge the truth. I had been lying to myself and everyone else. Tomorrow I am going to my first meeting. It’s unnerving because I’m an atheist, and this is AA. We shall see. 

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B-vrouw: Kate Bush, Björk

Source: B-vrouw: Kate Bush, Björk


On Tough Love and Advice to Those Wanting to Quit Drinking

(Editing to add: Although this post is from last year, I’m bumping it up to “sticky” status because of the great advice in the comments. If you’re considering sobriety or having a tough time with it, be sure to read through all the comments. I’m taking a little blogging break, but I hope to see […]


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Patricia van de Camp: Haas

Fotografe Patricia van de Camp komt uit Goor en heeft een voorliefde voor het verbeelden van (haar) dromen. Ze heeft oog voor het bijzondere, zoals in bijgaande foto’s de haas.

Source: Patricia van de Camp: Haas

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Finding Stories in Familiar Territory: An Interview With Miranda July

“I feel like the creative mind is very fast in some ways and completely blind as a bat in other ways.”